Harish Amilineni 16 Steps To Becoming A Successful Business Man

That is a fact of life. How do we capitalize on that fact to build a successful business? Business is about taking action and being in control of your own destiny. One thing I know about women is that we know how to take action.   Harish Amilineni   All too often, however, we take action for the sake of others at the expense of our own progress. Here are 16 steps to empower you to take action for yourself and build the prosperity you deserve.   Harish Amilineni  16 Steps: 1. Have a strong passion and persistent desire to have a successful business. 2. Do whatever you must to eliminate the negative self-talk. Chant, pray, pretend, affirm, do whatever is necessary, and then get rid of it. 3. Change those good little girl habits. It is really okay to think of yourself first. 4. Look at yourself as the strong, capable, compassionate woman you are. READ MORE...

Now, smart cities will become reality by Harish Amilineni

Are smart cities already a reality? Smart cities have been in existence for some years now, that is clear, but now a strong new force breaks out and, in my opinion, a great driver, the citizen, who reacts to these theoretically smart initiatives that have been implemented in his region but of which he has not often experienced any value in his day to day life.  This new digital citizen now requires new public services and higher quality and relate to public administrations in the same way as it already does with some private entities, such as banking, energy or telecos. And this implies new ways of acting for their public bodies, they must think beyond providing 100% electronic administration, such as favoring better access to the data they manage, providing greater transparency and participation in the management of budgets, or involving this new citizen in the co-creation of the public services themselves. What does the administration propose to respond to this citizen’s demand